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My research lies at the intersection of child and adolescent development, family systems dynamics, and sociocultural processes. My program of research specifically examines two lines of research:

  • Examining the combination of individual characteristics, family processes, and sociocultural contextual factors that may support youth academic functioning in Black families and communities. Instead of focusing on deficit model examining Black families and communities, my research examines how the considerable variation among Black Americans growing up in different social contexts relates to different system of support and expectations around academic functioning and achievement among Black youth.

  • To further support families and communities of color, more work is needed to understand and dismantle the racially oppressive ideologies, norms, and attitudes at the foundation of our society. As a family scholar, my work examines the perpetuation of oppressive systems through family socialization practices. 

Intersectionality, an individual's overlapping or combined social identities that dictate one's social position and access to social power/influence, is a huge part of my research program and identity. Understanding how individuals and families access social power and capital is vital to understanding how to promote positive well-being and academic functioning within families and communities, as well as how to effectively dismantle racially oppressive ideologies underpinning the systemic racism permeating our society. 

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Research Program Concept Model

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