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Raising Antiracist Kids Pilot Study

How does the Raising Antiracist Kids Pilot Study work?
  1. Click on a specific workshop that works for your schedule.

  2. Use the link to register through Eventbrite. 

  3. Click the link for the eligibility screener in your confirmation email.
  4.  If you meet the eligibility criteria, you'll be prompted to complete your study enrollment. 

  5.  ​You will receive an email with your pre-workshop survey.

  6.  Complete your pre-workshop survey, attend your workshop, then your post-workshop survey.

  7.  Get your payment!

Please Note:

Workshop Minimum: Workshops require a minimum of 3 participants. Those scheduled for workshops with less than 3 participants will be contacted to reschedule.

Calendar Key

Morning Afternoon Evening

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